About Macao

Official name

The Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) of the People’s Republic of China.

Geographical Location

Macao is located on the Southeast coast of China to the west of the Pearl River Delta. Bordering on Guangdong Province, is located 60 km from Hong Kong and 145 km from the city of Guangzhou.


Macao pataca (MOP)
It’s pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar at the rate of HKD 1.00 = MOP 1.03.

Time zone

Local time is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Macao’s economy is based largely on Services sector, of which tourism accounts for an important share. For main economic indicators, please click here. For more information about tourism, please click here

Land Area

Macao has grown in land area from 11.6 square kilometers in 1912 to 31.3 square kilometers in 2011.


The Population of Macao is estimated to be 624,000 in 2014. For other statistics, please click here